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KONDANANI – Bringing hope and healing to the children of Malawi.

Homes for our orphans, a school for our village and hospital for the kids of our community.

Kondanani (Meaning “Love One Another”) is a home for the orphaned young. It is a place of hope and life. A place where a child can find love, care and a new family. A place that cultivates a sense of belonging and security for each child; giving them the opportunity for a fresh start and the hope of a better future.


Give to Kondanani today and assist in our mission and goal. Please stretch out a helping hand and give hope to the lives of the helpless young. You can donate via PayPal using the link below and using any Credit or Debit Card. Or click for other ways to give.


Kondanani’s Executive Director, Annie Chikhwaza has become known as ‘Mother of Malawi’ through her work with orphaned children in Africa. Get a copy of her biography and find out how the Dutch media came to give her this title.  Read how she grew up in the Netherlands and moved to South Africa where she stood against the apartheid system to help the poor and marginalised. Find out how she came to marry a Malawian pastor, Lewis Chikhwaza and how they founded Kondanani together in 1998 as an Oasis of Love.

Throughout her life Annie has had to face many obstacles, from abuse as a child to depression, suicide and divorce to name a few. Her greatest trial came when she was brutally attacked in Malawi and left for dead. Everything she had built up was destroyed and she could easily have given up.  She could have embraced bitterness and hatred, but she chose the path of love. Annie’s story is one of overcoming trial after trial and it will inspire you to never give up.