THE LEWIS CHIKHWAZA CHRISTIAN ACADEMY (L.C.C.A): Has been established to give the children within Kondanani the best possible education and chance to excel in the future.

The school has its own seven acre piece of ground within Kondanani and is completely secured with electric fencing. Aside from the various learning centres, offices and ablutions within the school premises, we also have a football field, running track, a dodge ball court, netball hoops, and various other playground equipment.

We use an American curriculum called ‘A.C.E’ (Accelerated Christian Education.) This is an individualized system which allows the children to work at their own pace and gives them one on one time with the Teacher (Supervisor / Monitor) to overcome any personalised struggles. We also have a full time remedial teacher who spends dedicated time working with any children who have specialized needs.

The children between Grade two and Matric are schooled within three large open-plan learning centres (classrooms) which are supervised and monitored by a trained staff. There is also a separate learning centre for the ‘ABCs’ (Our Grade ones).

At the moment there are just short of one hundred of our children being educated at the Lewis Chikhwaza Christian Academy.

To learn more about our Nursery School, you can take look at the Kegels Early Learning Centre.