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Become A Missionary to Africa

In years gone by, God has called many of His servants to take the light of the Gospel to the African continent. They may not be as famous as as David Livingstone and Mary Slessor, the great British missionaries who opened up Africa to the Gospel. Or as fiery as the German evangelist, Reinhard Bonnke who won multitudes to the Lord. However, no matter the size of their contribution, it all has eternal value in God’s Kingdom.

Furthermore, it is missionaries from Africa that are now making an impact across Europe.  Will you help transform the lives of our children for God’s Kingdom so they can in turn can make a positive impact in Malawi and beyond?

In the past 25 years there have been many new missionaries to Africa like the founder of Kondanani, Annie Chikhwaza from the Netherlands. These include the late Cherie Martin from Australia who sadly passed away from Covid. Many others have poured out their lives for the children of Malawi for a season. Is this something God is calling you to do? Will you become a missionary to Africa?

Kondanani is supported by several missionary volunteers from around the world who have come to the Children’s Village from countries such as Australia, the Netherlands,  South Africa,  the UK and USA. Our missionaries generally serve on a mid to long term basis and are self-supporting. We also have a large number of Malawian staff working with us averaging around 120.


We welcome you to apply to become a voluntary missionary on staff at Kondanani. We need missionaries to take responsibility for various roles including, teaching, art and recreation, other non-classroom activities. Also medical / nursing services.

All missionaries are required to have an appropriate child safeguarding clearance / police clearance certificate.

Download the Missionary Application Form. Read and sign the Missionary Guidelines. Email these to


Kondanani is registered under the laws of Malawi as a non-governmental organisation (NGO), and we are a member of the NGO Board, a government instituted body. We work according to the laws of the Republic of Malawi in every area, and we work with each member of staff according to the labour laws of Malawi. Kondanani is a registered section 21 company (a none profit company) in the republic of South Africa. In the United Kingdom and Netherlands, it is registered as a Charity, and Kondanani also has representation in Australia and the US

PRAYERPlease continue to keep us in your prayers. Pray for Christ’s wisdom to help us bring each of our children up to know the fullness of life which can only be found in Him. Pray for continued love and provision to be given to our Children which will help pave the way to the future He has for them.