The Boys LIVE

While the girls live in the original seven acres on which Kondanani Children’s Village is situated, the boys live at the Madalo Village. We managed to acquire this 43 acre property through much prayer and supernatural provision and it now has seven boys homes as well as our head office, recreational hall, library, games room and Fila Farm. It also houses some of the facilities of the Lewis Chikhwaza Academy.

Madalo means  ‘Blessing’ and that is what each of our boys are.  After spending their first years at our Caring Hands nursery, they were integrated into homes within Madalo to grow up alongside older boys with shared playgrounds and sports fields. 

Currently there are seven houses (Bata, Brielle, Broeker’s, Hillary’s, Keesida, Langham and Wendy’s. Each house has been named after people who have significantly contributed towards their construction. On average there are 12 boys per house who are supervised by a house mother and a nanny.

Most of the Children will stay at Kondanani until they get married, move away by themselves (once old enough) or are integrated into one of the many departments as staff at Kondanani after receiving adequate education and training.