Caring Hands at Kondanani Children’s Village

CARING HANDS: Caring Hands, a facility of 600 sq. meters can accommodate 65 children. These little ones will stay until they are 3 years of age, and will then move to one of the other two villages at Kondanani. There is a matron who is assisted by nannies (who have been trained to care for young children), and cleaning / laundry staff.

Every baby admitted to Kondanani is first sent to Caring Hands Infant Home. There is an incubator room with 4 incubators for tiny infants.

If the children from Kondanani – and Madalo Children’s Villages are in need of medical care they go with the house mother to Caring Hands during consultation hours and are attended to by medical personnel. Medicines are prescribed and given to the house mother and administered to the child as required. In emergency cases, children are taken to Thyolo Hospital.

The matron makes sure that the children get all their inoculations against childhood diseases. Their weight is checked on a weekly basis. The older children are weighed and have their height measured monthly.

The children receive treatment from specialists whenever the need arises; these medical specialists come to Malawi occasionally and consult in private hospitals. The children also have access to an orthodontist and go to the dentist every 6 months. Any children who are HIV positive, also receive their ARVs here.

There are plans to eventually convert this facility into a children’s hospital to serve the local community once all of the younger ones have been integrated into either the KCV (The Girls Village) or Madalo (The Boys Village).