KEGELS EARLY LEARNING CENTRE: At present, 60 children are attending the nursery school. There are 10 classrooms including a computer room, toilets for boys and girls, a store room and a principal’s office.

Currently the young ones are grouped into classes of ten to fifteen children with class names such as: Bumblebees, Butterflies, Ducklings 1, Ducklings 2 and Grade 0. Once the children have a firm foundation learning the basics of English, maths, fine and gross motor skills, they progress through to Grade 1 (Otherwise known as “The ABC’S”) at the Lewis Chikhwaza Christian Academy.

Also within the Early Learning Centre is a general staff room, which is very beautiful and an inviting place for staff to relax during their tea and lunch breaks. We often have trained nursery school trainers who come of a volunteer basis who come to do workshops to enhance our already trained staff.