at Kondanani
Children’s Village

FILA FARM: Named after Felix Startker, Kondanani’s first missionary farmer, whose nickname is “Fila”, Fila Farm has become a place that facilitates many income-generating opportunities that help make all facets of our ministry more self-sufficient.

The farm project operates for the benefit of the children and offers a place for them to learn the basics of keeping livestock and growing agriculture. The land is more than sufficient for the various farm projects on the go including: raising livestock, vegetables, boreholes (for both drinking water and irrigation) as well as an innovative bio-gas project which recycles animal waste into gas for Kondanani’s cooking needs.

In terms of livestock, we have a herd of cows which provide milk for the children as well as for making other dairy products such as cream, butter and cheese! All of this is processed on premises and our cheese is now being sold to local supermarkets and restaurants within Blantyre.

To complete the Fila Farm’s selection of livestock it also has facilities to raise up to 200 pigs which are sold for pork. There are also hopes to add goats, chickens as well as breed tilapia fish in the two-acre dam.