The Girls Home
at Kondanani
Children’s Village

The girls stay at the Kondanani Children’s Village which is our original seven acre location before we were able to add the 43 acres at Madalo Village.  Today it is all part of Kondanani along with our hospital and our two-acre dam.

Kondanani Children’s Village is where the original houses were built and were home to all of the children in years gone by. As we have grown we developed the adjoining land at Madalo Village with new homes which now house all our boys.

We presently have over 70 girls living at Kondanani Children’s Village. As with the boys, our girls moved across from what was Caring Hands, now our hospital, and were integrated into homes to grow up alongside older girls. 

This village consists of six houses and there is  between six and 12 children in each house. They are cared for by a house mother, who is assisted by a nanny.

The houses are named: House of David; Martha’s Cabana; Angela’s Cottage; Heinrich House; Christina’s Place; Brielle House and Broekers Cottage. These names are given in honour of people who have significantly contributed towards their construction.

Most of the children will stay at Kondanani until they get married, move away by themselves (once old enough) or be integrated into one of the many departments as staff at Kondanani after receiving adequate education and training.

Also on this property is the central kitchen, sewing room, tradesmen’s workshop, storage facilities, church hall, clinic, swimming pool and missionary and guest accommodation.