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Happy reunions at Kondanani as our children search for their family members

Over the years we’ve had many happy family reunions at Kondanani as long-lost family members have come to visit or when one of the children ask us to help find their roots.

In the last two years a lot of searching for the families of our children has been done. Most times this has meant going deep into rural areas, on the most atrocious roads. Such a trip was made just recently.

We went looking for the families of two of our girls. Esther and Agnes.

Esther’s family village and her family was found quite easily. It turned out she has a very big extended family. So it was wonderful to experience an amazing emotional reunion. Esther was delighted to have found her roots.

Esther with her extended family, along with Anneke, who is a missionary at Kondanani from the Netherlands

Next trip to Agnes’ family village, all of this took hours on very bad roads and in the heat of 40 degrees. Nọ one in the village had any idea who Agnes was neither did anyone know the surname ọf a person in that village. How disappointing for her. However we did manage to leave a photo of Agnes behind along with our telephone number.

A miracle happened! Two days later we got a phone call, someone had remembered Agnes’ father and apparently she looks just like him. What a joyful time of reunion when they came to visit her at Kondanani. Agnes was happy to know she belonged. She doesn’t want to leave Kondanani though.

We have many stories like these and undoubtedly, there will be more to come.

Kondanani Children's Village

Kondanani brings hope and healing to the children of Malawi. Homes for our orphans, a school for our village and hospital for the kids of our community.

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