Esther Meyer Children’s Hospital is an exciting new development which is currently underway. As the Children of Kondanani have grown up and been integrated into the two Children’s Villages; KCV (for the girls) and Madalo (for the boys), an ideal building for our New Children’s Hospital has become available.Es

Formally utilised as Caring Hands, the building and surrounding land is being revamped and converted into the new Kondanani Children’s Hospital! This is such an exciting step for us as the heart of Kondanani has always been to care for the children of Malawi. Once operational, this hospital will be open for the care of up to 60 children at any given time (aged 1 to 5 years old.)

​Located in semi-rural Bvumbwe, we are ideally situated and within reach of approximately 365 000 people within this catchment area. Families who would not easily be able to travel to the bigger city centers or be are unable to afford care will now have a hope and place to turn.

​Through your continued support, Kondanani Children’s Hospital will soon be serving the needs of the impoverished, saving lives and being a light in the darkness.