THE Esther Meyer Children's Hospital a light SHINING in the darkness

The Esther Meyer Children’s Hospital is an exciting new development at Kondanani Children’s Village, caring for children up to five from our surrounding villages. 

We currently run day admissions, sometimes with 100 children per day. The hospital is staffed by our resident Malawian doctor and a nurse from the Netherlands, Sister Mieneke.

“This is a significant development for Kondanani,” says Annie Chikhwaza who is the Executive Director of the Children’s Village. “We have saved so many precious children’s lives through the orphanage, now we will save many more through the hospital.”

The hospital is named after Annie’s daughter, Esther Meyer who sadly passed away after a brave struggle with cancer. She was a passionate supporter of KCV, especially on the medical side. Our vision is for the Esther Meyer Children’s Hospital to grow to the place where we can care for children for longer periods. The hospital has already hosted medical missions from the Netherlands and Egypt.

Esther Meyer Children’s Hospital

Watch the video below as Annie takes you on a walk through our new paediatric facility.  As the children of Kondanani have grown up and been integrated into the two children’s villages (KCV for the girls and Madalo for the boys) our Caring Hands nursery facility became available and we were able to revamp the building and surrounding land and covert it into the Esther Meyer Children’s Hospital. This is such an exciting step for us as the heart of Kondanani has always been to care for the children of Malawi.

Located in semi-rural Bvumbwe, the Esther Meyer Children’s Hospital is within reach of approximately 365 000 people in this catchment area. Families who would not easily be able to travel to the bigger city centres or who are unable to afford care will now have  a place to turn to, bringing hope into difficult circumstances. 

“The reason for the Esther Meyer Children’s Hospital is simply because so many Malawian children below the age of five die of malnutrition, pneumonia and malaria.” says Annie Chikhwaza. “Qualified doctors are scarce, sometimes there is only one doctor per 50,000 people and often medicines are in short supply. 

“We often have 14 or 15-year-old mothers bringing babies that are in such bad condition and we do our best to nurse them back to health. So we ask you to to please help meet pressing needs such as these”.

Through your support,  the Esther Meyer Children’s Hospital will continue to serve the needs of impoverished Malawians, saving lives and being a light in the darkness.

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Esther Meyer Children's Hospital