You are currently viewing Kondanani Maize Appeal – thankfully our containers are full of grain

Kondanani Maize Appeal – thankfully our containers are full of grain

We are grateful to everyone who answered the call to support our Kondanani Maize Appeal 2024. Thanks to our faithful supporters our containers are full of grain for the coming year.

The harvest in Malawi wasn’t great this year due to unexpected heavy rainfall interrupting the drying of the maize. So we had to act quickly as prices were rising quickly and this meant we had to pay more than expected. But God’s provision was there:

Our founder and Executive Director, Annie Chikhwaza shares another wonderful testimony of the Father’s provision at Kondanani:

“Great is Your faithfulness oh Lord my Saviour. On the 22 March 2024 we received our maize for the year 2024/2025. I want to tell everyone how amazing God is, above amazing.

“I was at first not happy with the price as it was more than budgeted for, but we decided to go ahead in case the price increased even more. We were just in time. The day after, we received a message from the local government saying that no maize in our district may be sold or bought for an indefinite period. It almost makes me want to cry, because of the goodness of God and His timing.”

Please pray for Malawi. There is much hunger in this nation. This has led to much maize theft.

The video below shows the joy of our young people assisting with the bags of maize. Cheryl narrates as some of our boys along with two girls, Bertha and Sarafina help to carry the bags. We had three truckloads altogether, providing for our children until the next harvest.

We so appreciate everyone who has been part of this kind action,

Kondanani Children's Village

Kondanani brings hope and healing to the children of Malawi. Homes for our orphans, a school for our village and hospital for the kids of our community.

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