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Somehow God never fails to fulfil His promises

Kondanani founder, Annie Chikhwaza shares a quick Kondanani Update highlighting some of the developments at the Children’s Village over the first six months of 2022…

Dear friends of Kondanani

The end of the month has come and gone again.  Somehow God has never failed to fulfill His promises. Father God fulfils the need of every one of our children every month.

I have just come back from taking Thoko and Vincent to university again. Both studying are graphic design.  This is Thoko’s fourth and final year, and it’s Vincent second. Another seven of our children are going back to three different universities. There are also eight of the children who will write their exams for high school. More are to go to college in January 2023.

What is special is that they have kept the faith, even if university is a different world. What a proud and joyful mother I am.  We have a few naughty teenagers, they need prayer, but nothing can steal them out of His Hands. We do need the Wisdom only God can give. 

We are very excited about our new solar power system.  This was funded by Kondanani Netherland and installed by engineers from South Africa. This means will always have power at the hospital. 

I am believing God for a doctor or a nursing sister, who will take the hospital a step further than we do now. It is for children below the age of five and many are being helped, they are the most vulnerable in our society. But it happens that some mothers come and really want surface treatment, they don’t want the child to live. They just want be seen doing something for the sake of the neighbours. 

For example a situation we had recently. The mother came with a 2-year old boy who had fluid building up in his brain. He was severely malnourished and only weighed 6kg. We asked his mother to bring him back the next day so we could put him on a drip and take care of him. She did not come back.  We consider she found it all too much for he to deal with.

Poverty is a serious problem in Malawi, everything has gone up in price. The petrol price in Malawi, one of the poorest countries in the world is €2.00 per litre and it affects everything. 

The dental surgery has not arrived yet, we look so forward to being able to help the people from the surrounding villages with dental treatment. It should get here in September. 

Our cheese factory has had a boost, one of the hotels doubled the order, an extra 100 kg per week of mozzarella cheese. That helps us financially.  Another miracle of provision is a gift promised to Kondanani Netherlands, specially for us to buy a cheese tub that can hold 300 lites of milk. It will come later in the year. 

Spiritually we have seen such amazing times among our children. At both the villages boys and girls there are, apart from their devotions, Bible studies. This has happened totally without our intervention. The Holy Spirit is moving in the most amazing way as they pray for one another and feeling His presence in such a tangible way. It is changing lives. We are so grateful, even if they achieve nothing else, as long as the children know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. 

Please pray as always we need more missionaries, it’s really very urgent. We also need a mother of the mothers.

Thank you for reading our latest Kondanani Update and for lifting us up in prayer.

Love from all of us.

Annie Chikhwaza.

Annie Chikhwaza

Annie Chikhwaza is founder of Kondanani Children's Village. Her biography, 'Mother of Malawi' tells how she become a mother to hundreds of children in Africa!

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