Kondanani response to the Platform for Investigative Journalism Malawi, article of 10 December 2022.

Sadly there has been some negative reporting about KCV in the local media. The Platform for Investigative Journalism Malawi has accused us of a cover up, however this is not true. They have also published incorrect information.  The following sets the record straight.

1. KCV upholds Christian moral values. There is no culture of sexual abuse or racism.

2. Charges of indecent assault were laid against one of our voluntary leaders last year. He was arrested on 4 November 2021 but released on bail and the trial is pending. We cannot comment on the trial as it is now a matter for the courts. However we can confirm that person is not a pastor and the allegations do not involve “several underage girls.” This has been incorrectly reported.

3. Kondanani is not trying to cover anything up. The person in question was immediately suspended and has not worked at the orphanage for over a year.  

4. KCV is cooperating fully with the authorities.

5. KCV is fully committed to protecting our children according to our safeguarding policy.

Should you wish to raise any concerns please email us at safeguarding@kondanani.org.