Kondanani was founded by the Lewis and Annie Chikhwaza. They were married in 1993 and started the orphanage in 1998 which is described as “a five star orphanage” in a Channel 4 documentary. Much more than that, Kondanani has saved many children’s lives and will continue to do so especially through our new paediatric hospital.

The ‘African Love Story’ of Lewis and Annie Chikhwaza is told in Mother of Malawi – An Oasis of Love in a Nation of Orphans, published by Lion Hudson, written by Al Gibson. It tells how Lewis met Annie when he was a Bible School Student in South Africa and how many years later he coaxed her to visit Malawi after his first wife had passed away. She wouldn’t marry him unless he fixed his big house, which became the venue for much joy and laughter. Together, they formed a fruitful partnership which continues to impact the nation of Malawi today.

Annie and Lewis Chikhwaza

Lewis and Annie Chikhwaza

The late Rev Lewis Chikhwaza was a prominent Malawian leader, Member of Parliament, businessman, founder of Holy Cross Ministries and Bible Faith Ministries, a pastor to pastors, and overseer of a network of churches. The biological father of 10 children, Lewis was also “Papa” to a multitude of grateful, smiling faces. Rev Chikhwaza sadly passed away in 2005 and is deeply missed by Annie and all at Kondanani. His lasting legacy remains, Kondanani Children’s Village which includes the Lewis Chikhwaza Christian Academy.

Annie Chikhwaza is the Dutch missionary known as Mother of Malawi for her work with orphans in Africa through Kondanani Children’s Village In 1996 she was brutally attacked, but miraculously lived to tell a story that makes for riveting reading. It took her several months to recuperate but out of this desperate situation Annie was determined to rebuild her life and ministry. Kondanani began as she held an HIV/AIDS baby in her arms and since then, she has cared for hundreds of children. Kondanani has grown into a small town with children’s homes, school, farm and hospital.

Annie has survived many obstacles in her life as documented in Mother of Malawi. Most recently she survived Covid-19 and Malaria at the same time. Now at the age of 78 she continues to pour out her life for the children of Malawi.

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