You are currently viewing May 2024 KCV Newsletter – ‘We’re believing for someone I can hand the baton to, to continue the vision’

May 2024 KCV Newsletter – ‘We’re believing for someone I can hand the baton to, to continue the vision’

Dear friends.

A third of the year has passed , like in a flash.  A new year a new beginning. We have gone through the rainy season without any major incidence. No repeat of 2023 , no cyclone.

The children

The children are doing well at school a few will be ready for college this coming September. We have quite a few teenagers now, you know what happens to some of them. They get a bit naughty!

However two groups of children were rewarded for their hard work.  11 of our High School youngsters, who reached the 20 PACE goal for Term 1 2024, went on the Gulugufe experience. Watch the video! While 31 children from the Primary School had a camp at El Paradiso. Each of them reached the 20 PACE goal for Term 1. See video.

This year in January Daniel and Luke went to university to study Clinical medicine.  Josephine who was at college in the States has just graduated with Magna Cum Laude honours.

There are 10 of the kids at various colleges here in Malawi, and another one in the States. It gives me a lot of work trying to keep up with them and encourage them as well steering them spiritually in the right direction.

We have a new missionary , thank God He answered our prayer. She is from South Africa.

Dental Surgery

The dental surgery for the village people is going strong and very busy. Today 29 patients. So glad we can help the people. It’s frightfully expensive, but the Lord has supplied our every need.


The hospital can be a happy place 😊 but sometimes a sad 😔 place.

Sadly, the doctor who served at the hospital passed away a month ago. It was very sudden, he wasn’t sick for long and not old either. Fortunately, for the patients we were able to get a new doctor almost immediately.

The mothers sometimes wait too long to come for help and arrive with a child that has passed away on the way to the clinic.

We had a father come with a child severely burned. Sometimes the first help they seek is the witchdoctor, and the child was badly infected. After treatment she had improved greatly and is almost healed. That makes our hearts glad.

Farm & Cheese factory

Our farm has been a fruitful place, we had three bull calves in 10 days. That will give us plenty to eat when they get a bit bigger. Hope the next lot are female calves though.

Our cheese factory is going well, we have gained a few more clients and our mozzarella is the best. We are making other kinds of cheese , but we get so many orders for mozzarella.  

Thank you

I am going to be 80 this month, and we’re believing God for someone I can hand the baton to, to continue the vision. I have also been diagnosed with Parkinson disease five years ago.

Thank you for being instrumental in every aspect of this ministry with your gifts and contribution.  It is our aim to be the Hands and feet of Jesus, our Lord and Saviour.

In His service,

Annie Chikhwaza.

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Annie Chikhwaza

Annie Chikhwaza is founder of Kondanani Children's Village. Her biography, 'Mother of Malawi' tells how she become a mother to hundreds of children in Africa!

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