at Kondanani
Children’s Village

RORY ALEC CLINIC: In years gone by, the Rory Alec Clinic was used for treating and caring for any of our sick children and other first aid needs. In the progression that has taken place over the past ten years at Kondanani, we have combined these facilities with those offered at Caring Hands. 

This has freed up the facilities at the Rory Alec Clinic to be used for rehabilitation purposes. This outreach clinic is now available to surrounding villages / communities and is open every weekday. It has a full time qualified rehabilitation technician who works with those who come in for care. 

Children (under the age of twelve) who are either physically or developmentally handicapped are brought by their parents / guardians to the clinic where they receive therapy, a nutritious meal and advice regarding home care. 

Language classes are also offered at the clinic aiding in speech development as well as sign language for the deaf.

The rehabilitation technician also travels into the villages to meet with community leaders and families bringing awareness to the clinic as well as educating those who have children with these needs on the best possible care.