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Thanks to the Netherlands, we now have solar power at Kondanani

Thanks to an anonymous donation from the Netherlands, Kondanani Children’s Village now has solar power. The installation was carried out by engineers from South Africa in August 2022 and will provide power for the village including the paediatric hospital .

This means that the Esther Meyer Children’s Hospital at Kondanani will now be powered 24/7. This is transformational as it will enable us to provide a greater level of care to children from the surrounding villages aged one to five. This group of children represents the highest fatality rate in the country and the area of greatest need for medical care.

Kondanani Social Panel

We Appreciate our Dutch Donor

“We give glory to our Heavenly Father and a big thank you to the Dutch philanthropic institution for providing the funds to make this possible,” said Kondanani founder, Annie Chikhwaza. “This was arranged by Kondanani Netherlands and installed by EnergyBox-Africa. The solar panels have brought so much joy to us here in Malawi and we have all learnt so much about how to use them.”

Much to their delight, the children received solar lights from the installers! These can be used as torches at night.

Some of the boys have also been roped in to help manage the project, including Yamika and Patso. The necessary software has been installed to troubleshoot the entire system online, when required. “I am so proud of my boys,” said Annie, “The babies who were put in my arms have become men to be reckoned with, Godly men also!”

The Dutch philanthropic institution which wishes to remain anonymous donates to charities in the Netherlands and abroad. The Kondanani Netherlands Foundation / Stichting Kondanani Nederland is based in Holland with Emmie van Halder as chairman; Eveline Mus as treasure and Puck Krimpenfort handling communications.

The solar panels (left) and the box that is the source of our solar power (right).

Kondanani Children's Village

Kondanani brings hope and healing to the children of Malawi. Homes for our orphans, a school for our village and hospital for the kids of our community.

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