You are currently viewing Josephine Milanzi – the Malawian girl who become a leader despite all odds

Josephine Milanzi – the Malawian girl who become a leader despite all odds

Josephine Milanzi has the most amazing story and is truly an inspiration to us all at Kondanani and especially the younger girls who see her as a brilliant example to follow.

Being born into extreme poverty is one thing, but being born into extreme poverty and an HIV/AIDS pandemic, in Sub Saharan Africa, prescribes you with a future of hardship and difficulty. Your prospects as a child become determined by externalities that reduce your inner potential to a matter of mere survival. Josephine Milanzi was destined for a cold future, until she was placed into the warm hands of Kondanani Children’s Village.

This brought her into a future filled with hope and a community of love and care. Annie Chikhwaza and the mothers at Kondanani surrounded Josephine to watch her become the born leader that has always been. From a young age she stood out with her leadership abilities. She was always determined, focused and hard working and excelled as an independent learner at the Lewis Chikhwaza Academy. Not surprisingly, Josephine became the first of the Kondanani family to pursue a university degree in America.

There is no doubt, that Josephine was born with potential, but it was Kondanani that allowed her to see the potential inside of her and gave her the opportunity to learn how to use her talents to serve a broken world. She learnt that she had been given to give and that it was now her turn to change the world for the better.

Upon successfully completing her university degree in Hospitality and Hotel Management, Josephine is currently putting her knowledge into practice through work experience abroad, but her ambition is to return to Malawi in a year’s time so that she “can come back and make a difference”.

There are far too many stories of Josephines who never have this opportunity. Together at Kondanani, it is our mission to change this. If you want to invest into similar stories like Josephine’s, then be assured every cent we receive will be dedicated to do just that.

Give now towards more change-makers with a better future, a better Malawi, a better world.

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