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Thank you for being part of this Great Commission

Kondanani Founder, Annie Chikhwaza writes this Kondanani Update from the Netherlands where she has been recovering from a knee replacement. Find out all the latest from the children and Paediatric hospital. Also find out about our new dental unit.

Dear Friends,  

There is never a dull moment at Kondanani. The kids have birthday parties, go swimming in our lake, see movies and have talent evenings. All wonderful, but, then there is school😮‍💨 and helping their house mothers at home. That is when sometimes the smile is not as wide as when they have fun. It’s quite a job to teach children that we all have to become responsible citizens.  I love to see them help each other though, and see the character of Jesus expressed in their life with each other.  

Kondanani Update

A few weeks ago, the children who had been very productive, had worked hard to finish the required amount of paces for the year, went to Lake Malawi for two nights. Hard work pays. Some had in fact done 40% more.

There are quite a few youngsters ready for further education and we have applied to various colleges. It is becoming increasingly expensive as they grow up and educate them, yet so worthwhile. I can’t wait for the first five to graduate at the end of this year. I know I will cry with joy. 

It’s amazing to see also the dreams I have for Kondanani fulfilled. For a few years now I desired to have a dental surgery. The reason being that the people in the villages surrounding us don’t get proper treatment. Poor folks with no money, if they have a toothache the tooth gets pulled out, that’s it. At the end of last year, with the help of Kondanani Netherlands a donor was found for the dental surgery. Kondanani Germany got also involved with a lot of tools.What a joy that was. The next step was to get  the finances to have it shipped to Malawi, and as of now it’s on its way!!!!!! Can’t wait for its arrival.  God’s Plan will always be fufilled.

Kondanani Netherlands recently had an open day. I loved it. There were also some of the parents who came with the children they had adopted from us. I was quite emotional to see them, how they are growing up and are happy. It was a wonderful time of chatting to different people and cause them to become interested in the work we are doing. 

Our cheese factory is doing very well, in fact it could do more, but we lack capacity. We spread the word that we needed another “tub” to produce more cheese. Again we are so blessed, we have a donor who will supply the finances to buy this very expensive item. We hope to get a tub that will take 200 litres of milk. Not only do we have an income from this, but it helps the small farmers surrounding us also to have a cow or two and bring us the milk. We don’t get enough milk from our own cows can’t have more either because not enough space for grazing. 

The next step is, finances for transport because that has become quite expensive. 

The other great news is that our two containers are full with two tons of maize, the staple food in Malawi. What a joy, enough for the coming year.

The hospital is going very well, many little ones are being helped. On a daily basis we have 80 patients, all under the age of five. The majority have respiratory problems. It’s a result of making fires for cooking and heating. The children are exposed to the smoke. 

I am still in the Netherlands. I had a knee replacement operation and I am doing fine. In two days I will be 78. I will be back at Kondanani on the 4th of June.  Please everyone of our friends and partners, we are always in need of more missionaries,  especially teachers. So we are so thankful to our Heavenly Father who continues to supply our every need, He never fails or forsakes.

Thank you for reading this latest Kondanani Update and for being part of this great commission. 

Annie Chikhwaza. 

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Annie Chikhwaza

Annie Chikhwaza is founder of Kondanani Children's Village. Her biography, 'Mother of Malawi' tells how she become a mother to hundreds of children in Africa!

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