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Discover Lake Malawi from the eyes of a child

If you are ever visiting Central Africa, it’s well worth a trip to discover Lake Malawi. It’s the most beautiful setting for a holiday with bright sunny days and glorious sunsets as a group of children from Kondanani Children’s Village were able to experience first hand. They went to the lake for two nights as a reward for working hard at school and had an absolute ball.

Lake Malawi stretches most of the length of the nation so it’s very long. It is sometimes referred to as ‘the Calendar Lake’. This is because it is 365 miles from top to bottom, the same number of days in a year, and 52 miles wide, the same number of weeks in a year. This makes it easy for children to remember how big it actually is.

When you discover Lake Malawi you will also find out that it has over 1000 species of fish which is said to be more than any other lake in the world, with new species being added regularly. The lake is the third largest lake in Africa and ninth largest in the world and it’s amazing to have this natural resource in our nation, although it’s not exactly in our backyard. It’s still three or four hours away by car.

The Kondanani kids discover Lake Malawi

At Kondanani Children’s Village we reward effort. We teach the children that ‘hard work pays’! Recently a group of our children who had been very productive were rewarded for completing the required amount of PACEs for the year. Some had even gone 40% above and beyond. The children were taken by bus to the discover Lake Malawi and enjoyed many fun activities including an amazing boat ride.

Enjoying a boat ride as they discover Lake Malawi, the children of Kondanani look out for a Fish Eagle!

We are grateful to all who support Kondanani, providing for our children and paediatric hospital. We appreciate you making trips like this possible for well deserving students.

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