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Kondanani group visits the Agricultural Research Station

We are pleased to have taken a Kondanani group of students on a field trip to the Agricultural Research Station. The trip was arranged to reward and bless students who have performed well and completed their required work, Needless to say they learned a lot.

Field trip summary of our Kondanani group

1st Station: The students learned all about how to gauge the weather and how it is forecast. There are four different tools that are used for this. They use white paint to reflect the sun’s heat so that it does not interfere with the weather calculation results.

Station 2: The group were also taught the importance of plant regrowth and how it works. An example was used with a guava tree – the end of the branch is cut off diagonally with a knife and then reattached to another part of the tree or a baby tree.

 This is done by using plastic wrap to attach the two different branches. Mud from the earth is compressed by the plastic wrap to act as a natural glue for the branches to grow. This is often done in the greenhouses. Once new plants are ready to be planted in the earth, the plastic wrap is taken off to prevent littering.

Station 3: The children were shown old and broken tractors, cars, motorbikes etc. The importance of reusing old parts was explained and how they can be used again for different purposes.

Thanks from the whole Kondanani group of students to the Agricultural Research Station for hosting us!

Kondanani Group visit to Agricultural Research Station 2
Kondanani Group visit to Agricultural Research Station 3

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