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We see God moving in the lives of each person, our staff and the children of Kondanani

Annie Chikhwaza, founder and executive director shares all the latest news about the children of Kondanani, the staff and various projects that are making a difference in this African community.

The Lord said to me, that my later days will be better than the first. Well I am 78 now. Without the help of missionaries and fund raisers this would not be happening. Father God is the source though. But He uses people. And God is not a man that He should lie and will He not establish what He has promised. And of course all of that for the benefit of our children and the villagers around us.

Kondanani Update, September 2022

The enemy is not too pleased with us, as we are damaging, and determined to damage the devil’s kingdom. I know I make it all sound as if it is so easy, but I have tell you that we have had some challenges, especially with getting the solar pack to Kondanani.

We have received our dental unit from the Netherlands. The engineer is arriving at the end of October to put it together. We will continue to show the love of Jesus by being able to help even more people than we do already. The end of October is too long a wait for me, but I will have to be patient.

We have received a solar power pack of 32 KW. This is a lot of power and will benefit us greatly, not only the hospital, but also the cheese factory and our school.  The engineer from South Africa who is involved with the set up of the solar has had a massive heart attack. We need to pray for him. He was also involved with the new cheese vat of 500 litres we ordered from South Africa, to make it is compliant with the new solar system. We have ordered a large new cheese vat to meet the demands for more cheese.

We have in the meantime had a difficult time with the Receiver of Revenue, but even there, we will have favour. Father God is in control.

While Penny and I were at the Receiver, the hinges on one of the doors of the office were making the most irritating squeaky noise. I had vaseline in my purse and ‘anointed’ the hinges with it. The squeaking stopped. You should have seen the surprised faces!

Our focus is on the children of Kondanani

Of course, our children are our main focus. A few weekends ago we took another two of our youngsters to Lilongwe to university. 12 are now at university. Expensive, but education is such an important part of their future. They are doing okay and have settled in well. There is also one of our girls who has gone to the hotel school in Blantyre. She loves it.

I love it when I see the children of Kondanani continue to serve God, even away in residence, they are finding a good church and serve. The foundation has been laid and it is solid.

We have so many amazing kids, and everything is not always perfect. But in the last 25 years we have hardly had sickness at all. Every challenge we overcome, teaches us that we are overcomers. How else would we know we are, if we are without challenges in life?

Two of our staff had a stroke during the last couple of month, but are getting better. This prompted me to take the blood pressure of all 100 staff members. Many of them have high blood pressure, and are now on medication. We have a blood pressure clinic for the village people for several years already. This has been the salvation of many from strokes and paralysis.

As usual I will continue to call for more missionaries.  If you know of anybody who has a calling on their lives, encourage them to heed that call.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for the health of our staff especially those with high blood pressure; Also for the engineer who has had a heart attack.
  • We need prayer for the children of Kondanani. Especially one of our girls, she is 16 and has developed psychological problems, has been in hospital and the psychiatrist says that it is a psychosis. Hard to deal with, but we will get wisdom and understanding on how to deal with this situation.
  • Please pray also for more missionaries to join us.

Thank you

We really see God moving in a wonderful way in the lives of each person at Kondanani, staff and children. We continue to thank our Heavenly Father, that He meets our every need through people like you. I pray that the favour of God and the blessings of the Holy Spirit may be your portion.

Annie Chikhwaza

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Annie Chikhwaza

Annie Chikhwaza is founder of Kondanani Children's Village. Her biography, 'Mother of Malawi' tells how she become a mother to hundreds of children in Africa!

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