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Kondanani welcomes Dr Madalitso Mbewe as Chairman of the Board

We are pleased to announce that Apostle Dr Madalitso Mbewe has agreed to oversee the Kondanani Children’s Village Board and our leadership team have submitted themselves to the spiritual oversight of Calvary Family Church International, where he is the President and Founder.

KCV Executive Director, Annie Chikhwaza has known Dr Mbewe for many years and we are pleased to have such a strong father in the faith and leader at the helm of the organisation.

Apostle Dr Madalitso Mbewe and Bishop Rose Mbewe, the Founders of Calvary Family Church International

Dr Madalitso Mbewe

Apostle Dr Madalitso Mbewe is one of God’s generals, a great teacher of the Word of God, mentor and statesman. He is married to Rose who is also an ordained minister and Bishop in the Calvary church movement. They founded Calvary Family International Ministries in 1992.

Dr Mbewe is well respected by the Malawi Government. He has been appointed to be Board Chairman of key Government Statutory Bodies like the Tobacco Control Commission; National Strategic Grain Reserves; and Central Region Water Board. He chaired the National Taskforce (2011-2021) for the formation of The Malawi Peace Architecture, a UN-funded project where he sat on the Tripartite Steering Committee representing Civil Society Organisations in Malawi. 

Apostle Mbewe was trained by the UN at the Netherlands Institute of International Relations – Clingendael as a peace mediator and has been active in ensuring that Malawi has violence free, peaceful elections by organising Presidential Prayer Breakfasts.

He has also led the Malawi Haggai International Institute for Christian Leadership Training organisation as President for many years and is a respected clergyman and spiritual father to many upcoming pastors and church leaders in different nations. Follow Dr Mbewe on his Facebook Page.

Calvary Family Church International

The origins of Calvary Family Church International go back in the mid-70s when a young Madalitso Mbewe, inspired by the calling of God, initiated the Young Believers Fellowship (YBF) in Blantyre, Malawi, This city, not far from Kondanani Children’s Village was named after the birthplace of Scottish missionary explorer, David Livingstone who has had a profound spiritual impact on the nation.

At that time, YBF stood out as one of the few genuinely Pentecostal ministries in Malawi. In the 80s, as the fellowship attracted the interest of both the young and the elderly, its name evolved into Pentecostal Revival Crusades (PRC) Ministries, reflecting a commitment to inclusivity. PRC witnessed substantial growth, extending its reach to other cities like Lilongwe and Mzuzu, and other districts.

Following prayer and discussions with the leadership of PRC Ministries, Apostle Madalitso Mbewe announced the intention to introduce church services as an aspect to the interdenominational fellowship ministry. Consequently, in 1992, Calvary Family Church was inaugurated. The first service, held on January 12th, 1992, at Pemba building in Blantyre, drew an average attendance of 12 people.

Today, Calvary Family Church International has it’s headquarters in Blantyre with about 40 branches in Malawi and several outside the country. These include the neighbouring African countries of Zimbabwe, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya. Calvary Family Church also has a thriving community in the United Kingdom.

The Calvary Family International Ministries has seven different ministries which are :

  • Calvary Family Radio Station
  • Calvary Family Church Television
  • Calvary Family International Bible Institute, 
  • 4. Calvary Family Montessori Academy ,
  • 5. Calvary Family Micro-Finance , 
  • 6. Calvary Family Transformation Church NGO
  • 7. Calvary Family International Churches

Kondanani Children's Village

Kondanani brings hope and healing to the children of Malawi. Homes for our orphans, a school for our village and hospital for the kids of our community.

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