You are currently viewing Kondanani Testimonies – Each child is a blessing in their own way!

Kondanani Testimonies – Each child is a blessing in their own way!

Kondanani Children’s Village is an oasis of love and a place of miracles. You will be blessed as you read these latest Kondanani testimonies.

Our founder and Executive Director, Annie Chikhwaza shares updates from two of our university students as well as a video clip from our Sunday service here at KCV.

Kondanani Testimonies from our students

1st in class

Some great testimonies I just received. Firstly from one our girls, who is studying medicine and doing practicals in a government hospital close by. She has just done her practicals in paediatrics and written an exam. She came first in her class! When the lecturer came to talk to the students, he called her aside and said, “As a person and a student you stand out, you do your work as if you were a nurse and doctor in one. You are amazing.”

Thanks for all you taught us

Secondly, one of our young men is doing his last semester in environmental science and will graduate soon. This last semester is very much focused on the practical side. He tried to explain this to me, but I did not quite understand what it all means. He said, “Mummy I am so grateful for all we learned at Kondanani especially the computer course. My fellow students did not know how to access what they needed too on their computer to do the projects required and I could.

“You know Mum I always hide behind people, I am shy, but all of a sudden they all needed my help, I was needed and it changed my life, and I give God the glory.”

This is so special, I could see it on his face, he is much more confident.

A most precious gift

Thirdly, another joyful happening. The best financial gift and the most precious one ever received in our PayPal account came in yesterday. It moved me to tears and caused me to give Glory to God. One of our children. who went to study for her degree in the USA sent a financial gift. She is still there, has an associate degree and is continuing with her BA degree. How special is that. In essence we now receive help from the one we helped. She has become a Godly woman. That is all that matters. The rest follows…

There was Jesus

At Kondanani we see each child as a living testimony of God at work to see His plans and purposes come to fruition. Often, we get to hear praise reports from our children during our Sunday Service. Their worship of God touches our hearts. One of the children’s favourite songs is There Was Jesus by Zach Williams. Watch the clip below of the children singing.

In the waiting, in the searching
In the healing and the hurting,
Like a blessing buried in the broken pieces
Every minute, every moment
Where I’ve been and where I’m going
Even when I didn’t know it
Or couldn’t see it

We thank our Heavenly Father that this song is so meaningful to our children. They know that no matter what their past has been or what the future holds for them, they can always trust God. He is truly the ‘Father to the Fatherless‘ and Jesus is without question the friend who sticks closer than a brother. Every day the children of Kondanani show us that Jesus is there, in every step of life’s journey! May He be there for you too, this Christmas season.

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Annie Chikhwaza

Annie Chikhwaza is founder of Kondanani Children's Village. Her biography, 'Mother of Malawi' tells how she become a mother to hundreds of children in Africa!

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