You are currently viewing Kondanani Dental Clinic – a huge blessing to the villages surrounding the orphanage

Kondanani Dental Clinic – a huge blessing to the villages surrounding the orphanage

Kondanani Dental Clinic is now fully functional with our dentist, Prince Kanyerere in residence. Prince qualified in Malawi and is a huge asset to our community. He is married with one child, and we welcome him and his family to our community. He is ably assisted by Shadrach, who has grown up at Kondanani and is volunteering as part of our ‘Year of Your Life’ programe.

The Kondanani Dental Clinic is now receiving new patients and done our first tooth extraction.  We aim to provide dental care to all our children and staff as well as support our local community.

The clinic has been resourced by our generous donors internationally and will make a big difference to our children experiencing toothache or who need corrective treatment. It is also a great opportunity to extend our mission beyond our fences to people around us in need of professional dentistry, and who certainly cannot afford it.

The Dental Clinic has been the fulfillment of a longstanding dream of Annie Chikhwaza, who is the Executive Director of Konandani Children’s Village. The project came about while Annie was visiting Holland.

Emmie from Kondanani Netherlands discovered a charity that refurbishes dental equipment for Africa.  Annie and Emmie decided to visit and although they had no appointment were well received. “I got a lot of time to tell them about Kondanani and also left a copy of Mother of Malawi behind.  The response was really enthusiastic! They put an entire dental unit in a crate and shipped it to us, along with items for other charities to Malawi.”

According to Annie, Malawi faces many problem including shortages of life-saving medicines and forex to purchase them.   “The prices have just tripled, and the government hospitals are sending so many patients to us,” she says. “So, a big thank you to our generous supporters internationally we are able to provide dental services to all at Kondanani as well as being a huge blessing to the villages surrounding the orphanage.”

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See the video update below as we take you inside the Kondanani Dental Clinic.  If you would like to support this worthwhile project, please consider a donation of any amount today. Click to donate now.


We would particularly like to resource a hand held x-ray unit which would really help us treating our patients. If you know of anybody who could help with that, please email

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